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There is also a " Minnesota General Power of Attorney." The capabilities of someone with a general power of attorney is very broad and they can do a variety of tasks. This can be anything from handling bank transactions to buying and selling property, settling claims, filing tax returns, purchasing life insurance and handling situations that deal with government benefits. An individual should decide what type of power of attorney will work best for them in their situation. Each case may be different. It could be that there could be a few different people appointed with power of attorney who will have their own responsibilities.

Who Can be the Chosen Power of Attorney?

Before a person becomes incapacitated, they can choose anybody to have power of attorney. It does not always have to necessarily be a lawyer or any other legal representative. This can be a spouse, parent, relative, child or a trusted friend. A power of attorney arrangement can also be a paid one if the person chooses to do. If a decision is not made about the financial details, a court will rule on this matter.

Securing the Minnesota General Power of Attorney Documentation

Once an individual has appointed someone with power of attorney and have decided what their legal responsibilities should be, it is important to secure the document and any other important forms. There are several ways to document an individual choosing the power of attorney and his/her responsibilities. One way to secure the document is to videotape the individual and the person assigned power of attorney signing the documents and going over the responsibilities and pay scale (should there be one). Then the videotape should be stored with the document. Another way to secure power of attorney is to take the documents and present it to a lawyer for review. The lawyer can then testify on the behalf of the other person and their mental capacity. A signed doctor's statement that describes the patient's state of mind at the time of the signing can also be used.

When Does a Power of Attorney's Responsibilities End?


 Minnesota power of attorney is no longer needed once the individual passes away or if they should become mentally capable of making responsible choices once again. An individual revoke a power of attorney by writing a document and then presenting it to be notarized. These changes can only be made if the document hasn't been registered. If the documents have been registered, then there will be some extra steps to stop the rights of power of attorney. If that individual is no longer a part of the state that the documents were signed in, ("divorcing the state), then rights may be revoked. A written statement that revokes the rights of power of attorney can be registered at the same office where the original file was filed.


Most of us would feel fearful about someone else handling such important decisions, but it is necessary to carry on daily activities in the case of an unexpected accident. It is best to be prepared so that we don't leave stressful decisions on the shoulders of those whom we love. Think about every decision that you need to make every day. Then decide who would be the best person to do your "errands" when you will be unable to. While sometimes life may take unexpected turns and puts things on pause, the world around us still continues to spin. The decision who to assign the Minnesota general power of attorney should not be taken lightly, but it should be something that you choose sooner rather than later.


















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